Worldwide Tour of La Plata County

If you’re a County Commissioner, you ought to know where folks live, work, go to school, play, and attend church.

So in the deep days of the pandemic, I embarked on The Worldwide Tour of La Plata County.  Map in hand, I drove EVERY county road – all 653 miles (222 miles paved and 431 miles of gravel roads) accompanied by Tootsie the wonder dog. The journey took five weeks and 1,200 miles due to dead-end roads, loops, backtracking and multiple trips to crisscross La Plata County.

The experience was so inspiring that the mission expanded to ebike the city streets and neighborhoods across La Plata County.  Between driving and bicycling, the journey across La Plata County covered approximately 1,700 miles… and yet it will never be finished. Enjoy our music video tribute, photos, and maps below.

So amazed and thankful.

– Jack Turner


Watch Our Video!

la plata county map

…and by eBike!

rockwood amp
animas valley map
animas valley east
north durango
durango downtown
florida road fort lewis
animas valley
south durango
Turner Homestead
cr 240A
three springs
FLC west
edgemont ranch
county road 501 chimney
durango west
dirt road
hermosa orchards
rafter j
county road 126
snake fence
hott wings ranch
florida mesa
hay field
welcome to colorado sign
allison church
forest lakes
allison cemetery
bike at cross roads

…the homestretch by mobile billboard

la plata county
bike at cross roads
bike at cross roads