this is home jack and his wife

I want to be your Commissioner because:

Living here should make sense

My kids are sixth generation Durango natives in professional careers, and they tell me: “Dad, I’d love to move home, but I can’t afford to live there.” I will work to develop economic opportunity, affordable/attainable housing, livable wages, tech infrastructure for remote careers, and other initiatives to give people who call La Plata County home a chance to thrive.

I know we need to balance growth with environmental impact

A good economy, jobs, and attainable housing are not an insurmountable conflict with responsible care for our land, air, water, and wildlife. Balance and common sense must be applied to our coexistence with nature and the responsibility to provide for our families.

Maintaining what’s great about La Plata County means having the financial resources to do so

Local businesses, large and small, generate wealth for everyone in La Plata County. That’s how we create jobs, provide goods & services, support social programs, fund schools, and assist non-profit organizations. Our economic engines must be nurtured and encouraged, especially during difficult times.

Food Security: Impossible? Or Impossible to Ignore?

Local agriculture cannot be dismissed or ignored. Eating local is as important as shopping local, but it’s only possible if we facilitate that opportunity. Multi-generational ranchers/farmers, newly-minted agriculturalists, and home-based operations all have a place in our “local food chain.” There are many challenges to overcome, but the most critical is our willingness to be serious about the food supply, processing, storage, and distribution.

And so much more

I want to help make common-sense decisions armed with the experience and  insight of La Plata County Citizens. That’s why I will listen and serve without obligation or favor to any political parties or special interests. I have no political debts.

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Please check back. Our campaign and ideas are a work in progress.

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