We cannot stop the future and we can’t rewind the past. 
Like everywhere else in the world, La Plata county will change…
but how?

 I will listen to you and serve without obligation or favor to any political party or special interest

  1. What are your priorities for county government?`
  2. What is reasonable and practical to keep the same?
  3. What kind of change can you live with?

Tell me your concerns and views about the quality of life in La Plata County and how to plan for:

  • Economic sustainability (managing and protecting what we have now) and economic development (how do we move forward?)
  • Agriculture
  • Airport and airline service
  • City – County Relationships
  • County – Southern Ute Tribe Relationships
  • Education
  • Environmental Issues
  • Extraction industries (oil, gas, mining, timber)
  • Fiscal management
  • Growth
  • Health Care
  • High Tech, broadband
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure maintenance and development (roads, bridges, buildings, etc.)
  • La Plata County Commissioners and employees
  • Law Enforcement
  • Light industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profit sector
  • Pandemic relief and recovery – allocation of state and federal support
  • Planning
  • Professional services
  • Public lands and natural resources
  • Recreation
  • Remote online employment
  • Retail services
  • Social Services
  • Taxes
  • Transportation
  • Television access (CO vs. NM)?
  • Tourism
  • Water (residential, industrial, agriculture)
  • Zoning and land use policies & practices
  • Other?

I’ll be at lots meetings, events, and other functions to hear from you.  Please use the contact form to express your view, set up a meeting, or to invite Jack Turner to an event.



If I follow the commitments above, I ask that citizens make sincere effort to follow the same principles of Respect, Listen, Learn, and Collaborate. We’re all in this together.