I appreciate citizens supporting my independent campaign for La Plata County Commissioner, but I will not publish a list of endorsements until late summer of 2020. Here’s why:

The election is almost a year away. There have been no public debates or discussions amongst or comparing the candidates. We four [currently] declared County Commissioner candidates have stated publicly and on websites that we are listening to citizens and gathering information at this phase of the campaign. That’s good.

No candidate has yet published substantial, detailed positions about issues or policy. How is a voter to know at this time which candidates truly reflect their vision for the best county governance and serving our citizens?

Until all candidates define their stand on critical issues and fair comparisons can be made, I’ll stay focused on listening and learning as other candidates are. As time goes on, I’ll articulate my beliefs, positions, and promises of how I intend to serve La Plata County without obligation to any political party or special interest.

Wouldn’t it be something if official endorsements were earned through objective comparison rather than party affiliation? … except in the case of mom. She’s with me all the way.

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