What’s More Independent than Crypto?

First On! The Elect Jack Turner Committee is the first candidate campaign in the State of Colorado to accept cryptocurrency contributions. Our innovative solution to accepting cryptocurrency in compliance with Colorado campaign finance regulations was submitted to and accepted by the Elections Division of the Colorado Department of State.

To contribute cryptocurrency, you must agree to all of the following:

    • I certify that I am a citizen of the United States of America,
    • I certify that the campaign contribution is from me as an individual. I understand that contributions may not be made by corporations of any kind, including nonprofits.
    • I agree to abide by all Colorado campaign finance regulations,
    • I agree to follow all terms of the cryptocurrency contribution program described here,
    • I agree to provide my legal name and address with my contribution as required by Colorado law, and
    • I attest that all information provided with my contribution is true.

    Jack Turner served as the Lead Technical Writer for the U.S.-based blockchain platform and cryptocurrency exchange, Bittrex. Bittrex is an industry leader in best practices and compliant will all U.S. banking and security regulations.