Thank You for Supporting Our Campaign with Crypto!

Innovators and new thinkers are key to the success of the cryptocurrency industry as well as our campaign contribution program.

The Elect Jack Turner campaign is the first in Colorado to accept cryptocurrency, and we are taking every precaution to comply with campaign finance regulations. Our program is purposefully designed so that every cryptocurrency contribution is reviewed and reported manually to prevent any fraudulent activity, whether purposeful or accidental.

Likewise, our goal is to demonstrate the viability and integrity of the “clean players” in the cryptocurrency industry. That’s one reason we selected Bittrex as the exchange platform to receive and process cryptocurrency campaign contributions

In order to reduce transaction costs, the preferred cryptocurrency coins and deposit addresses for each type are listed below.

Crypto Contribution Limits – $99.99 USD value per person (total)

Per Colorado Campaign Finance Regulations, the maximum cryptocurrency contribution allowed is $99.99 USD value (total) per person. Contributions from an individual that exceed this amount will be donated to a nonprofit charity, so please calculate carefully.

USD – Crypto Converter


To be compliant with Colorado campaign finance reporting, we are required to report the source of all contributions.

As soon you make a cryptocurrency contribution, report the transaction with an email to

The email must include:
• Your Legal Name
• Your Address
• Transaction ID (TXID) for the deposit.

Without this information our campaign cannot accept the contribution.  Contributions not matched to the required information will be contributed to a nonprofit organization.

Bitcoin (BTC):

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Ethereum (ETC):

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Cardano (ADA):

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Tether (USDT):

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